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We have experience of 30 years in making investment casting tooling, and have done many stringent projects in various indsutries such as Aerospace, Defence, Automotive and many more.
It is typically a more time-consuming process where a wax prototype of your part is made and then repeatedly dipped into liquid ceramic. Itís also known as the lost wax process.
Rapid prototype castings are fully functioning parts with the same strength and metallurgical properties as traditionally investment cast parts.
It refers to machining operations that utilize vertical machining centers, which, as the name suggests, have vertically oriented machine tools.
A computer numerical control lathe is a machine that turns material around a central spindle and stationary cutting tool.
In a 4-axis CNC machine, the spindle travels along three axes: up and down, side to side, and back and forth, while the workpiece remains stationary on the machine table.
On a 5-axis CNC machining, the spindle and cutting tool moves along three axes. However, there are other rotations about the X-axis (called the A-axis), Y-axis (called the B-axis), and the Z-axis (called the C-axis).