We have experience of 30 years in making investment casting tooling, and have done many stringent projects in various indsutries such as Aerospace, Defence, Automotive and many more.
Mastering Investment Casting also called Lost Wax Casting with a focus on 'first time right' tool making.
Precision and versatility converge in our Vertical Machining Centers. Featuring both 3 and 4 axis capabilities, we cater to a wide range of industrial requirements, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in every task.
Quality CNC turning for tailored, high-grade components. Experience precision with Gorecha Metal.
Advanced Precision with Our 5-Axis Machinery
Experience thorough and efficient Ultrasonic Cleaning. Our advanced process ensures impeccable cleanliness and preservation of component integrity.
Laser marking for detailed and precise part identification, perfectly tailored to meet specific customer requirements.